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Format: CD
Catalog: HL194 Highland
Misc.: Audience recording
Produced: 1998
Date: 690509
Matrix: Disc: 1
Cover: Front: White bordering with Pink Floyd written on top and "Beset by Creatures or the Deep" written on bottom. Centered is a photo of the Floyd that looks '69ish where the bank is playing on a small stage in what appears to be a small venue. Back cover contains another photo from same show but different angle (front cover appears higher; back cover is lower than stage looking up from Gilmour's feet). Track listing and venue info listed in back. No booklet, but backside of front cover contains backstage photo and behind the CD the clear case reveals a photo from the Floyd's '68-69 publicity shot in front of the old bi-plane (as seen inside spread from "A Perfect Pair".
Sources: 09 May 1969, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton, Hempshire UK 5/9/69 (Late Evening Show)
Hires-coverscans: beset_creatures_deep.back.1.jpg
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      Disc: 1
       1. Astronomy Domine                                     9:13
       2. Careful with that Axe Eugene                         7:46
       3. Interstellar Overdrive                              12:03
       4. The Beginning (Green is the Colour)-                 3:29
       5. Beset by Creatures of the Deep                       5:22
       6. A Sauceful [sic] of Secrets                         11:50
          Total Time:                                         49:44

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

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  • VG+ -PIG1DO
Comments: Not sure if the date is presented in US format (month/day/year) or European (day/month/year); package says 5/9/69. Can use a crosscheck reference (Miles) to confirm if they were in UK at this time on. A GREAT performance. No cuts on all tracks. IO is great, albeit without Syd. Astronomy and ASoS are also great. A lot of improvisations on these tracks Definitely complements the first half of Ummagumma. Rogers introduces some tracks, and after CWtAE he lets out a crackle reminiscent of Several Small Creatures and/or PowR TocH. Slight tape hiss during quiet sections. I notices most just at the beginning before all instruments are heard on Astronomy. Otherwise not noticeable. All instruments and vocals are clearly audible. -PIG1DO

There _are_ cut(s) in songs on this record, at least in my version. At 06:38 in ASoS (section 'Syncopated Pandemonium') there's a cut with 2 seconds of silence, and after that the song leaps back into 'Storm Signal'-section. Great performance though, despite this cut (which is btw the only I noticed on the record).

Violent and haunting version of IO, really great (as the commentor above mentioned). Mason really seems to enjoy this song and this style of playing, and so do I.

Sound quality is really good considering the age and origin of the master tape.

Spoken parts/announcements: Between AD & CwtAE, Dave: "Thank you." Roger: "This is a much newer thing than that one, which is very old. And it's instrumental. It's called 'Careful with that axe Eugene'. It has got a very quiet start."

Between IO & Green, Dave: "Thank you."

Between Beset by creatures & ASos, Roger (or Dave): "Thank you." Roger: "This is going to be the last thing we do and it's the title [song/show?] of the last album we released, and it's called 'A saucerful of secrets'."

After ASoS, Roger: "Thank you."

The 2 seconds long cut in ASoS I mentioned earlier appears at 44:33 into the record, which makes me think that it's most likely caused when the person(s) recording the show inserted a new tape or switched sides of the tape (because of the 45-min standard there usually is on tapes).

At the end of AD there it sounds like there are vinyl pops and clicks, like it's been remastered from a vinyl. There's even a larger click which makes the song go back 2 or 3 seconds, making you hear the applause for AD twice. However I don't think it's been mastered from vinyl, because I haven't noticed these pops and clicks on other tracks on the record. It's not a very disturbing thing, and I think the record is really great. Too bad about the cut in ASoS, though, because it's occurs just where Gilmour is showing off his cool guitar w/ feedback&echo stuff.

The crowd is polite (as always at that time), no shouting or whisteling during songs. Only small talks here and there during the whole record, but it's never disturbing. Sounds just like the band's playing in front of a picnic or something :-) . Judging from the amount of applause it seems to be not a very large audience. -ANDREAS

It appears that the actual date for this show is May 9 1969, not September 5 1969. -EDEN

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