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Format: 2CD
Catalog: GDR CD 9101 Great Dane Records
Misc.: Audience recording, ADD, S.I.A.E, STEREO
Produced: Made In ITALY, (P) 1991, Great Dane Records, Via L.Manara, 5-20122 MILANO/ITALY
Date: 741115
Cover: Drawing of an eye, the blue of the eye is the SKY with clouds and the pupil is the BLACK HOLE. It's PINK FLOYD at top and the title at bottom, in blue on white. Back cover has a picture of PF on stage with circular screen showing clocks from the 'Time' film (from Miles book). Twenty page booklet with lots of pictures (from Miles book) and text about the tour and the different songs, signed by 'Ron Fleisher January 1991'. It also includes a great drawing (one of the first?) of the band by Scarafe, dated Oct. 74. Front of booklet is like a comic book with the text; "Super, all-action official music programme for boys and girls!" Booklet also includes a order form for other Great Dane CDs (see address above). The disc itself says; "Pink Floyd In The Flesh" as opposed to the 'In The Flesh' CD which have 'Black Holes...' on the disc.
Sources: 15 Nov 1974, London Empire Pool, Wembley, London (The date is stated on the cover as 16 Nov 1974)
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      Disc 1
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond            23:53
            part one  -   part nine
       2. Raving And Drooling (Sheep)           16:05
       3. You've Got To Be Crazy (Dogs)         18:28
       4. The Dark Side Of The Moon:            11:32
            Speak To Me                3:15
            Breathe                    3:04
            On The Run                 5:16
                                    Total time  69:59
      Disc 2
       1.   Time                       6:53     46:34
            The Great Gig In The Sky   7:42
            Money                      9:15
            Us & Them                  8:27
            Any Colour You Like        8:38
            Brain Damage               3:56
            Eclipse                    1:42
       2. Echoes                                24:39
                                    Total time  71:15
      Roger Waters   Bass
      David Gilmour  Guitar, Vocals
      Rick Wright    Keyboards
      Nick Mason     Drums

      Dick Parry       Sax
      Carlene Williams Vocals
      Vanetta Fields   Vocals

Xref: Money (2CD)
  • 7.5 -PIET
  • VG+(SP) -TOR
Comments: This is exactly the same recording as you get on 2CD 'Money'. but as 'Money' claims to be (but are NOT) this is the whole show. This one also includes more of Roger speaking with the audience; Audience: 1967!!! Roger: 1967!?! Well, you're wrong this is 1974!!! 'Money' also claims to be recorded on the 14th of November, I belive this is right. After comparing the DSotM part against the roio 'Brain Damage' (which IS from the 16th), I found that they could not be from the same show, even if the recording was fixed before they boadcasted it in 75. It also has the guitar 'trouble' on 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond as is described in comments for 'Money' (and in Miles book). Sheep is announced as "Raving And Drooling I Fall On His Neck With A Scream" and there is a tape played before the song starts. The versions of Sheep and Dogs is a little different from the 75 and 77 versions of these songs. Great Echoes (as always). Very little audience noise on this recording.

All times are taken or measured from the CD timer. The tape used when making this CD, is going a bit slow I think. -TOR

The wrong speed of the record is a pain, especially in the DSOTM parts and Echoes. Note that this is an audience recording and not from the BBC broadcast on 16 Nov 1974. Title printing on the discs says 'In The Flesh', the people at Great Dane must have switched the labels with the other recording, because that CD's are labelled 'Black Holes...'. 20-page booklet with many photos, cartoons, some explanatory text and a drawing of the PF members from Gerald Scarfe (1974!) The early versions of SOYCD (all nine parts are together, no split between part 5 and 6), Sheep and Dogs are interesting. -HERWIG

Taken from the British Winter Tour 74 date at Wembely on the 15/11/74 (not 16th) this excellent package covers the entire show and features a superb 18 page colour booklet by one Ron Fleisher! The tape source is superb. -BD (#24)

This CD has been one to suffer from degradation/browning of the aluminium. The following information goes some way to explaining the CD mix-up with In the Flesh as mentioned above.

These are the matrix numbers of the GDR CDs 'In the Flesh' and 'Black Holes In the Sky'. Apart from the text 'MANUFACTURED...' and the long number '99195...' they are:

old new Black 1: 1102-B 2411-B Black 2: 1102-A 2437-B Flesh 1: 1102-B 1418-B Flesh 2: 1102-A 2437-A

'Old' stands for the CDs that got a brown colour and 'new' stands for the CDs that were received from GDR in exchange for the brown CDs.

My discs have some sort of static or fuzz on most of the tracks. It sounds a lot like listening to a radio without having it properly tuned in. "Shine on" and "Raving and Drooling are the only two songs without the static. -SK

This is a great show, however the (very!) low speed of the recording makes it hard to enjoy. Besides that, the sound is good. Raving and Drooling and You Gotta Be Crazy are very interesting. Great Echoes as always. - FERNANDO

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