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Format: CD
Catalog: Sigma 6 DSM-1972
Misc.: Special collectors series. Thanks to no. 6
Produced: 1989 Digital Junkie, Made in Japan (The pink (!) CD itself says (c)1985 -PIET)
Date: 741116
Cover: Picture of Floyd outside Rainbow Theatre doing a 'sieg heil' greeting.
Sources: 16 Nov 1974, London.
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       1. Speak To Me                                   2:30
       2. Breathe                                       2:49
       3. On The Run                                    5:07
       4. Time                5:27
          Breathe (Reprise)   1:02                      6:29
       5. The Great Gig In The Sky                      6:49
       6. Money                                         7:49
       7. Us And Them                                   7:51
       8. Any Colour You Like                           7:33
       9. Brain Damage                                  3:42
      10. Eclipse                                       1:58
          Total:                                       52:39

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

      Dick Parry       (Sax)*
      Carlene Williams (Vocals)*
      Vanetta Fields   (Vocals)*

  • Sup -TOR
Comments: Cover claims that this is from London 1972, but it is from a BBC broadcast of the concert at Empire Pool, Wembley, London at 16 Nov 1974. The speaking at the begining of Speak To Me, saying; "I've been mad for fucking years...." a couple of times, is present as oposed to a vinyl version I've heard where this was edited away (censored by BBC ?). A must have. -TOR

It is very good quality (Hip Cat billed it as the best live DS recording in existence), but the format is precisely that of the studio album. I much prefer the Kahoutek version becuase of its demonstrable differences from what eventually became the studio version.In this particular recording Roger has a hard time keeping a steady beat in his bass solo at the beginning of Money. At any rate, I would consider this boot to be a must-have only if you're a perfectionist in the completeness of your boot collection. -ANON

Good stereo effects throughout the concert. The lady-speaker at the airport is very clear. The audience is only heard at the very ends of "On The Run", "The Great Gig In The Sky", "Money" and "Eclipse", and at the start of "Brain Damage" (just as the audience is supposed to behave). Nice version of "Any Colour You Like" -PIET

It would be great if, just for once, a b**tlegger could get everything right. On this CD sound quality and packaging are excellent, yet the date suggested is out by two years: the catalogue number indicates Dark Side from 1972, but it's actually the Radio 1 broadcast of part of Floyd's November 16 '74 Wembely Arena gig. After a little tape hiss during the opening heart-beats, the recording is excellent quality stereo. "I've been mad for fucking years" comes out loud and clear - I bet BBC loved that! On The Run has some quite startling stereo effects, Any Colour You like is nicely improvised and Eclipse ends with loud applause and what sounds like gongs banging away. All in all, a very nice recording of a vintage performance and a slice of nostalgia for we older fans who remember taping the original FM broadcast in '75. The front of the insert is from the same sesion as the Italian 'Piper' cover, except the boys are giving Nazi salutes - it would have been interesting if the press had seen this when Mr Waters played in Berlin. The rear insert of the (jewel-box) CD case is a 1972 promo shot. Strongly recomended. -TAP (#54)

It appears that there is a new version of this with an 11th track, of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. The new CD comes in an LP sized box with another box inside. Outside box has a Scarfe like drawing and back has a picture of someone with his hands over his face sticking out his tounge. Box opens with a wax paper (you know the things they use in albums) over it with the bax photo again and Brain Dammage smeared across it. Inside Back picture is repeated again and continued on to the CD sitting in the center. -MISC

This recording is taken from the soundboard and is of excellent quality musically. CD is listed as being from 1972; it is really from the 1974 tour. -ECM

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