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Format: 2CD
Catalog: WPOCM 1090 F059-2 World Productions Of Compact Music
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 701017
Cover: Front: Black with a brown and white cow "PINK FLOYD" in half-inch pink letters cewntered across the top "Brutish Temptation" in quarter-inch pink letters positioned about 2/3 across the bottom Back: Stageshot of Dave, Sowy White, and Nick, although Dave is the only one that is recognizable. Photo is from the '77 tour. Dave is wearing the Pig shirt. Track listing and other writing in pink lettering Inside: left side is stageshot of Rick right side is stageshot of Nick
Sources: 17 Oct 1970, San Rafael.
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      Disc 1
       1. Asrtronomy Domine (1st attempt)          1:41
                            (2nd attempt)          1:06
                            (3rd attempt)          5:36
       2. Fat Old Sun                             11:06
       3. Cymbaline                               10:13
       4. The Embryo                               8:32
                                     Total time:  42:05
      Disc 2
       1. Atom Heart Mother                       18:37
       2. A Saucerful Of Secrets                  19:34
       3. Green Is The Colour                      3:21
       4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene           10:24
                                     Total time:  52:38

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Quality:<no info>
Comments: Recorded in San Rafael on October 17 '70 (a week after the release of 'Atom Heart Mother'), this has what can only be described as typical b**tleg quality, i.e. most instruments audible most of the time but with serious distortion in places. There's a troubled start with a power failure during the first verse of Astronomy. "Thank you; now for our next number..." quips Roger. He then mumbles about splitting some power leads. We soon hear the familiar intro again... but the next breakdown occours even sooner. For the third attempt, Floyd abandon the intro and, after Roger's "1-2-3-4", starts almost immediately with the vocals. A quite decent version follows. Roger reminds the audience that Fat Old Sun is from the just-released album; nothing special otherwise. Now in one of his more talkative mods, Roger announces: "This next song has something to do with dreaming. It's called Cymbaline". This version includes the footsteps. Embryo, unfortunately, fades out just before the third verse. The vocals on the non- orchestrated Atom Heart Mother are better than those on, for example, 'Life Could Be A Dream' and although the psychedelic bit is missing, it is the full-length thing. Saucerful... isn't the best version I've heard. Celestial Voices sounds like a mix of different recordings (the sound fluctuates greatly). Green Is The Colour makes up for it with superb vocals by Dave (if only the quality was better). Finaly, Careful With That Axe is quite good but nothing to write home about (that's why I wrote to TAP instead). This isn't essential, but your cash could be spent on worse things. -TAP (#54)

I give this roio an excellent rating, though the sound quality is not the best. You get a more relaxed version of AHM than on the fall 1971 shows (without the aweful orchestra and choir set up that ruins an excellent song) and you get to hear an early live playing of Fat Old Sun (new to this tour). Careful with that Axe has got some excellent vocals by Dave after Roger's scream. Considering that most if not all other currently available cd's from this tour seem to have the orchestra on AHM (which sucks), this is a must have cd from the wonderful 1970-1971 shows. -Scott

I give this ROIO an excellent rating. This is the first Fat Old Sun ever played, and is quite unique. Cymballine has the footsteps sequence, and is very extensive. Atom Heart Mother is excellent. The entire song has a spaced out jam which goes on and on, Dave really outdoes himself. Green is the Color is incredible. Best one I have ever heard. Dave lyrics at the end are insane, as he sings with his guitar. And finally Careful with that ax Eugene is excellent. Roger just does not want to quit with his scream, and the buildup is awesome. All in all, I think that this is a must have concert. If you are true Floydians (which I know you are), you need this concert just for the Green. It is that incredible!!! - BD

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