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Format: CD
Catalog: ABCD 013
Misc.: Picture CD
Produced: England
Date: 690321
Cover: Cover is full colour with PF in horrible satin garb circa 1967 -BD (#23)
Sources: 21 Mar 1969, Interviews, Blackpool
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       1. Interview                                    23:29 
       2. Interview                                    30:48 
                                         Total time:   54:17 

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  • Good -BD (#23)
Comments: This is hard to find now being a limited edition of 2,500 many of which were sold in normal record shops! A very interesting off-the-cuff interview taken on 21.3.69 in Blackpool for the local student rag. Nice to have. -BD (#23)

Unless you just gotta have old Floyd interviews, this thing is a turkey - just raw portable cassette deck stuff. In its defense, it *does* have the Ummagumma question on it. -WD

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