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Format: CD
Catalog: PYCD 044 Triangle Records
Misc.: AAD
Produced: LORDISC
Date: 741116
Cover: Small triangular picture of Floyd on stage, with PINK FLOYD in black lettering, IN THE SKY in white lettering, and a think black line with an arrowhead pointing diagonally upward. All this is set on a cardboard coloured background, like a parcel. There are two THIS WAY UP labels, one at the top and one at the right hand side. A bigger picture, same as the cover picture is on the other side of the inlay card.
Sources: 16 Nov 1974, Wembley Arena, London, England, (tracks 1-10) Palais des Sports, Paris, France, Jun 7, 1974 (track 11)
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      1. Speak To Me                   2:06
      2. Breathe                       2:54
      3. On The Run                    5:11
      4. Time                          6:19
      5. The Great Gig In The Sky      6:26
      6. Money                         7:35
      7. Us And Them                   7:39
      8. Any Colour You Like           7:25
      9. Brain Damage                  3:33
     10. Eclipse                       1:58
     11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond   19:42
                               Total  70:48

      Roger Waters - Bass guitar, vocals, VCS3, tape effects.
      David Gilmour - Vocals, guitars, VCS3.
      Rick Wright - Keyboards, vocals, VCS3.
      Nick Mason - Percussion, tape effects.

  • Ex+/VG -HERWIG
  • The sound quality is simply fantastic. -TAP (#50)
  • 8.5 -OSO
Comments: This is a jewel. The DSoTM set is taken from a BBC broadcast (from Webley Arena, November 16 '74), so the sound quality is simply fantastic. Onely once under the "Greate Gig In The Sky" are there some drop-outs, but these last onely a second and are therefor harmless. Rather more servere, however, are the noise on "Shine On...", the live premier from the Palais des Sports, Paris '74. It's really not worth listening to more than once - just look on it as a bonus track to 'fill up' the CD. All in all, this is one of the best Floyd RoIOs that I have heard. EDS' NOTE: As the Floyd played the Palais des Sport on June 25/26 and had premierd "Shine On..." in Cambrai on the 14th, make of this CD's claims what you will. -TAP (#50)

A note on the disc says: These historic recordings may contain surface noise or distortion due to age of the master recordings used. :-) -DAve.

Great sound quality on the Dark Side set, very good on Shine On, which was taken from Palais des Sports in Paris on 7 June 1974 (apparently the first time it was played live). -ECM

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