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Format: CD
Catalog: GDR 9207 Great Dane Records
Misc.: Stereo ADD
Produced: Made In Italy 1/1992
Date: 690917
Cover: A man looking up towards the heavens with outstretched arms. A beam of light is shining down on him.
Sources: 17 Sep 1969, Concertgebow, Amsterdam.
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       1. Daybreak                             6:42
       2. Work/Afternoon                       5:08
       3. Doing It                             1:20
       4. Sleep (intro)                        1:22
       5. Sleep                                2:14
       6. Nightmare                            6:47
       7. Daybreak/Part Two                    2:08
       8. The Beginning                        3:04
       9. Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep   6:13
      10. The Narrow Way/Part Three            4:58
      11. The Pink Jungle                      4:37
      12. The Labyrinths Of Auximenes          2:53
      13. Behold The Temple Of Light           3:36
      14. The End Of The Beginning             6:22
      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: 8th RD From The Moon, Amsterdam '69*, Landscape, The Last Gadgets Of Oxyminus.
  • VG -Scott
Comments: *= These two only have 7 of the songs from this concert. This one also has much better sound quality (IMHO). -DAN

Length: about 57 minutes. Sound quality: VG (sound is not as good as "Amsterdam '69" which features some parts of this show) - MISC

Radio announcer speaks over music in Sleep's intro. Another roio from this performance is Amsterdam '69, which has little better sound, but runs only 45 minutes. -AARO

This CD has a superb line-up of tunes. The only drawback is its POOR QUALITY ! -ECHOES

This is a translation of the dutch radio-announcer:

"The Pink Floyd on last September 17th in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with their grand spectacle 'The Massed Gadgets of Auximines'. We heard in consecutive order 'Grandchesters Meadows' and 'Doing It', an eloquent title.

Pink Floyd are: four man : Dave Gilmour : guitar, Nicky Mason : drums, Rick Wright : organ and Roger Waters : bass.

All four members attended the same primary school and that was in Cambridge.

Three of them found each other during their first year at the Regent Street Polytechnic School. They formed a popgroup, developed ideas for a complete new sound. In principle this means the usage of the usual instruments which combines their sounds with light-effects projected on as well the band as the audience. They don't try to halucinate their audience, no way. They only want to provide enjoyable entertainement.

Their movement contains experimenting with all kinds of forms of art, music included. They are also engaged in stage-acting. At the stage e.g. during this show there was labor work, there was sawing and carpenting going on, they had tea and now it is time to sleep. This is 'Sleep'." -ANDRE

Decent recording and performance. Interesting to hear Floyd merge all of these separate songs into 2 long suites. Though I like this performance, I prefer the 1970-1971 versions of these songs that were part of those tours. Nice cd packaging. Recommended. -Scott

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