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Format: 2CD
Catalog: None given, and matrix has been scratched away.
Misc.: Picture discs with hammers.
Produced: Copyright 1996 DYNAMO GULAG SUBOTNIK, MOSCOW
Date: 800228 700211
Matrix: CD1: keine
CD2: keine
Cover: Front: Strange painting of 4 faceless staues wearing tux and hats, in a factory of some kind. "PINK FLOYD" written on the right, and "MONOPOLY" in a brownish/white pattern just under. Also says "Live Nassau Colliseum N.Y. 28/2/80" Back: "Pink Floyd - Nassau Colliseum N.Y. 28/2" written on top on black background. Also a painting of some men working in a factory.
Sources: 28 Feb 1980, 11 Feb 1970 Nassau Coliseum, 28/2/80 + Birmingham Town Hall, 11/2-70
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      Disc 1:
       1. In the flesh?
       2. The thin ice
       3. Another Brick in the Wall Part 1
          Happiest days of our lives
          Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
       4. Mother
       5. Goodbye blue sky / Empty spaces (I)
       6. Empty spaces (I) / What shall we do now
       7. Young lust
       8. One of my turns
       9. Don't leave me now
      10. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
      11. Goodbye cruel world
      12. Hey you
      13. Is there anybody out there?
      14. Nobody home
      15. Vera & Bring The Boys Back Home
      16. Comfortably numb
      17. The Show must go on.
          Total Time:                   79:48

      Disc 2:
       1. In the flesh!
       2. Run like hell
       3. Waiting for the worms / Stop / The trial
       4. Outside the wall.
       5. Main theme from More
       6. Sysyphus
       7. Violence Sequence incl. Pink Blues/Us and them
          Total Time:                     72:19

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

Xref: Various other Wall-concerts ROIO - LP VIOLENCE IN BIRMINGHAM
  • Ex+/VG(+)
Comments: Just another copy of 28/2/80 wall-concert?? NO! What makes this cd interesting is that has the Birmingham concert from 11/2/70 included on it, and this is the first time it appears on cd! So these bonus tracks are _really_ bonus tracks, and are alone worth getting this roio for. Just to hear Violence Sequence is fantastic, and Main Theme is a this-will-blow-your-mind-away-version. Unfortunately, sound quality is only vg(+) for these tracks (ex+ for wall), but they are still well worth listening to. Both concerts are taken from vinyl, so pops do appear - although not many. Now we can only wait until the rest af the Birmingham performance shows up on cd somewhere, as Embryo, CWTA,E, and Atom Heart Mother are missing. Inlay suggests that this roio is made in Russia, and the barcode says 40670027878137. Does this match? I recommend this cd, it is worth getting just for the Birmingham tracks. And if you don't have a live Wall perfomance, then what are you waiting for? - Oscar

Indeed a fine set. I think some things should be said though. First of all, the announcements before the versions of In The Flesh has both been cut out, as well as the first verse of Hey You. I haven't heard any of the Xrefs of this show so I don't know if these cuts only appears on this records. I do hope the manufactors didn't make them just to make room for the bonus tracks, no matter how nice they are. Also, the vinyl sources seems to have been of good but far from pristine condition. I wouldn't really rate the Wall show Ex+. Furthermore, to finish this whining off, I don't agree with other postings suggesting that this would be the best Wall performance around. That said, I would certainly recommend this record. Even with the earlier mentioned reservations this is probably the best sounding Wall show I've heard, and the performance is also enjoyable. The bonus tracks is a very nice touch. The only setbacks are those cuts; true, they are of the kind that would annoy only a fanatic in desperate need of a life but then again, there is one or two of us around here, isn't there? -ANON

Lower sound quality than Behind the Wall or Brick By Brick. There is more hiss and some songs are faded in and out. At least only crowd noise was lost. Roger's comments before Young Lust are cut. Bonus tracks much lower sound quality. Disk matrix also scratched out. This set seems available. I also question the date of the show, the LP database indicated a technical problem on Feb 26 with "call the schoolmaster" (the Trial) missing. It is missing on Monopoly. I prefer Behind the Wall or Brick by Brick. - JZ

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