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Format: CD
Catalog: BAN-033-B
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: Australia.
Date: 741116
Cover: It's in a standard case with the cover visually split into three parts. The top and bottom are about 1/2" high with white writing on a red background. The top one indicates that it is an unauthroised recording while the bottom one indicates that the recording may not be of the same quality as an authroised recording. Between the two warnings is the title "Pink Floyd - The Other Side of the Moon Vol 2" in blue writing. There is a colour stage shot of PF performing with a big circular screen behind them with an orange tinge. I suspect this is to represent the moon. Under the photo is the line "Live in Europe 1972". Across all of this in big red writing is the word "UNAUTHORISED". The back has similar red/white warnings at the to and bottome with a track list. Also, it says 'All Titles Controlled by AMCOS'. Also across the back in red writing is the word "UNAUTHORISED". Some how, I get the feeling that the CD is not authorised. I wonder why.....
Sources: 16 Nov 1974, London Disc says Live in Europe 1972.
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       1. Speak to Me                  2:23
       2. Breath                       3:01
       3. On The Run                   5:04
       4. Time                         6:33
       5. The Great Gig In The Sky     6:53
       6. Money                        7:53
       7. Us And Them                  7:55
       8. Any Colour You Like          7:37
       9. Brain Damage                 3:39
      10. Eclipse                      2:00
          Total:                      52:57
          Actual:                     52:44

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

      Dick Parry       (Sax)*
      Carlene Williams (Vocals)*
      Vanetta Fields   (Vocals)*

  • Good -MARK
  • VG -PHIL
Comments: The background hiss was bad. Now, I shall have to put a disclaimer here. I have not heard any roios of any shape or form at all, so I have no idea what to expect. I don't know what would be considered to have been a very good quality for a roio. Considering the recording was done in 1972, sound quality would not be as high as we would expect today. Going by the ratings in the 00readme file in the roio section of the echoes server, I would classify the sound as 'Good'. The reason? - I could not listen to it through headphones. The overall sound recording and 'mixing' was OK, but there were a few bad spots. The change from Speak to Me to Breathe was very badly done for instance and the clocks on Time sound a little off in spots. I managed to play all of it this morning despite the objections of my family and it was listenable provided I did not concentrate on the sound to much. It was good as a background music. I have probably been spoilt all these years by listening to CDs and their quality. -MARK

Despite being described as 'Live in Europe 1972', this seems to be the concert that the BBC recorded in 1974. It is very similar to the studio album, except for an extended ACYL. This suggests that it is not a 1972 recording. The times listed are a few seconds different to those on Brain Damage, but from the description of that roio, I think it's the same thing (my CD player gives times that are closer). Apple House probably took the date from that CD. It is listenable through headphones (I'm not as 'spoilt' as Mark), but the tape hiss is annoying, and the overall sound is a little muddy. -PHIL

I agree that it is the same recording as Brain Damage and In the Sky -DAve

The sound quality of this CD is inferior to even a tape copy of one of the other CDs of this show. The fact that these CDs sell in some places for about $3 (or they did, until they were shut down) balances this a little though. - HAMISH

The way that they were legally possible to sell was the "Unathourised" statement on the cover. Unfortunately that has been changed.

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