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Format: CD
Catalog: TB 34 Teddy Bear Records
Misc.: Distributed by Dies Irae Records s.r.l. Italy
Produced: Made in Italy
Date: 700429
Cover: Front Cover: Split field - deep blue at the bottom and a red-and-yellow sunburst effect at the top. "PINK FLOYD" is at the top/center slanted up at about 45 degrees in black letters with a yellow shadow. "PSYCHEDELICAMANIA" is printed at the bottom in yellow letters. Back Cover: An upside-down field from the front with the blue over the sunburst effect. The song list is printed in different colors at a 45-degree slant on the left side of the blue field. Under the song list is "Recorded live at Fillmore West, May 1970". In the upper right corner are "PINK FLOYD" and "PSYCHEDELICAMANIA". In the center of the cover are two black-and-white photos (also placed on a slant) showing two old black men. The photos are labelled "Pink Anderson 1900 - 1979" and "Floyd Council 1911 - 1976" (the blues musicians reported to have inspired Syd to name the band Pink Floyd in the first place!) Booklet Inside: Two large photos over the upside-down field from the back of the CD with the black-and-yellow "PINK FLOYD" in the center. The left photo (b/w) shows Roger, Nick and Rick standing over David Gilmour who is at lower center. (Note: this photo is a reverse image of the same photo on the back of the "Before Time Began" CD.) The right photo (color) shows a back-lit Rick (profile) at the keys and a standing Roger (in black t-shirt) on bass. Booklet Back Cover: The right-side-up color field from the front of the booklet with the band members' names (as listed below) in yellow over the blue field. The CD case is clear. Through the CD base, one can see the inside back cover - a white "PINK FLOYD" over a star field.
Sources: 29 Apr 1970, Fillmore West, S.F. Disc says Fillmore West, May 1970
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       1. Grantchester Meadows             6:29
       2. Astronomy Domine                 8:44
       3. Atom Heart Mother               18:40
       4. Embryo                          10:41
       5. Green Is The Colour              3:19
       6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene   10:44
          Total:                          58:40

      Roger Waters
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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Comments: The copy seen comprised a mislabelled copy of Horizons (Lost Rose LRCD15). The reverse has also been reported - a mislabelled copy of this disc which claimed to be The Great Gig on the Moon (Teddy Bear TB35). - ANON

A mediocre Astronomy Domine and a great Atom Heart Mother, but both are sped up and CWTAE isn't very good, so you should avoid it. Purchased as Great Gig on the Moon. Apparently, there has been reports of people with the same problem, and the reverse -- buying Psychedelicmania and getting Great Gig on the Moon. In other words, try before you buy, if you can. I got this at a convention, so I'll just have to bitch to Teddy Bear Records ... -ANONYMOUS

This is almost certainly a direct copy of the "Embryo" package (even the song times are mislabelled the same). (Track times from my CD player are in parentheses above.) The sound is very good throughout with an occassional bit of flutter or distortion during some louder passages. The tapes used during the instrumental portion of "Embryo" are very clear. Tracks 1 and 2 run together. Track 3 is editted to a stand-alone piece, while tracks 4 and 5 have been run together artificially to edit out Dave's stage comments (mentioned in the listing for "Live at Winterland"). An interesting side note: this CD is a picture disk, but the picture is that of the cover to "The Great Gig on the Moon" (another Teddy Bear disk)! Yes, my copy of TGGotM features the cover art from "PSY". Looks like Teddy also slipped up on the CD artwork. This caused some confusion at the shop when I asked for a preview of TGGotM and got "Grantchester Meadows" instead. After figuring out what had happened, the dealer let me have both disks for 800 yen! Potential buyers of these two packages should ask for a listen before purchasing (although both are highly recommended). - GOLGO

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